Man with pectus excavatum sitting cross legged meditating

Body and mind training for pectus excavatum

Information on how to improve quality of life through fitness, mental health, and non-surgical treatment.

What's our deal?

We're here to help you deal with pectus excavatum through:

Improving your physical appearance

For those of us that can't get surgery, the next best option is to improve our physical appearance to take focus away from our pectus.

Mental training to help with body dismorphia

We're often in our own minds when it comes to pectus, and struggle with basic things like taking our shirts off in public. Let's get over that together.
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What do we offer?

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Premium guidebooks

Our complete PDF guides will give you exactly what you need to help improve your quality of life living with pectus excavatum.
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Free resources

Our resources section is here to answer any and all questions you have about living with eectus excavatum.
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A shared vision

Our small team is all living with pectus excavatum, and we know exactly what you're going through. We're in this together.
Your source for pectus information
The place to be for pectus excavatum information
“A wonderful collection of information”
Samantha B.
“I love being part of this community. We all know how hard it can be.”
James W.
“Everything is backed by studies, I love it.”
Bryce L.
“I wish this existed years ago”
Simon S.
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